Julia family apartments location

If you need information or assistance please contact us at the reception. We are ready to help you with everything.
The beach:
The nearest beach to the complex is the most famous beach in Sunny Beach - "Cacao beach". It can be reached in 10 minutes by foot in a straight line between the hotels on a wooden trail over the sand dunes.
The complex is located close to the best supermarkets in Sunny Beach (Janet, Peny, Zora). These are great stores that have all kinds of goods at the best price in the area. There are permanently many clients, which ensure a fresh commodity. The distance to Zora is 5 minutes’ walk , Peny 10-15 minute walk , Janet 5 minutes by car.
The area of Sunny Beach, Nessebar and St. Vlas is full of restaurants and bars. By Julia Family Apartments there are many places for eating out, but we recommend several popular restaurants where the prices are good and the food and atmosphere are high leveled. The Memory restaurant (international cuisine with a cozy atmosphere and good prices) - 5-10 minutes’ walk, Serbian grill (Serbian) - 5-10 minutes’ walk, fish restaurant Musoni (ca lass fish restaurant with no inflated prices) - 5 - 10 minutes’ walk.

The old town of Nessebar offers a variety of restaurants. There you can enjoy an exceptional view of the bay of Sunny Beach. The town can be reached by bus or train which stations are located adjacent to the hotel. At the end of the night you can make a 30-40 minute promenade along the coastal alley back to the hotel.
Sunny Beach offers a range of entertainment for children. Of course, they can spend most of the time at the beach, or at the pool, but the resort also offers other interesting activities.

There are two large water parks in Sunny Beach with a lot of facilities that not only entertain the kids. They can be reached by bus, which station is located a few minutes’ walk from the hotel.

For another 10 minutes ' walk you can reach the water park of hotel Anchor which is designed for the youngest.

Also, the reception of Julia Family Apartments can arrange a variety of excursions and entertainment for you and your children like a boat trip, jeep safari, a trip to the Dolphinarium and many others.
Julia Family Apartments is located 5 minutes’ walk from the bus stop. You can take the bus, leading to all destinations in the vicinity. Thus you will have an extremely easy access to St Vlas marina, Nessebar - new and old town and outlying areas of Sunny Beach, Burgas and others.

About 10 minutes’ walk is the first stop of the transport rollercoaster. The train offers a very interesting experience for children and adults. Its directions are the old town of Nessebar and the Sunny Beach down town. The train moves slowly and goes through interesting places, so passengers can enjoy different views and explore the resort better.